Crowdsource My Life…Please!

No, Uncle Miltie will not solve the nation’s problems….though not for lack of trying!  No, we’re about to try something exciting here at EOW.  We’ll be having something like one of Barbera Sher’s “Idea Parties”  very soon!   Watch this space for further developments!




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2 responses to “Crowdsource My Life…Please!

  1. I’ve had that page bookmarked since Annie mentioned it a few weeks ago, and every night I look at the bookmark and say, “Yeah, I’ve gotta do one of those sometime.”

  2. amba12

    Well, we’ll try it here . . . Ron can be the guinea pig. The trick will be to get enough people to show up for it to catch fire.

    The idea is to figure out some new or better ways to “make a living”: you put out there a list of everything you’re good at or experienced at or interested in, everything you can do or could do, and then people throw ideas at you about how to turn some of them into a living — including crazy ideas, since they tend to uncork the un-obvious good ones. In some cases people also throw connections.

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