We really do neither

So I was watching Washington Journal on C-SPAN this morning and they were talking about the soon-to-be released 1940 census.

Much of the discussion was centered around charts and data…and comparison to the 2010 data.

Based on the 2010 data the percentage of Americans working in BOTH agriculture AND manufacturing is…12%!

Think about that — only 1 person in 8 in America grows food or makes things….wow.



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2 responses to “We really do neither

  1. 12% of the retail cost is also the cost to manufacture something. I’m curious what the other main categories are? Education/media, transportation (people and things), finance?

  2. kngfish

    Kim, that’s a neat observation! Nice tie-in….. They did mention that 48% of us work in “services”, but I wish they would break that down better….it’s too generic to have much meaning.

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