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Crowdsource My Life…Please!

No, Uncle Miltie will not solve the nation’s problems….though not for lack of trying!  No, we’re about to try something exciting here at EOW.  We’ll be having something like one of Barbera Sher’s “Idea Parties”  very soon!   Watch this space for further developments!




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I wasn’t quite feeling well, (and am still a bit queezy) so I haven’t put up some other things I’m writing.  But something wj said the other day stuck with me:

Once you have adequate income, how much do you care about “employment”?

This prompts a question for readers:  What would you choose to do if you didn’t have to work?   Nothing?  What you are doing now?  Let’s call this the “I won the lottery” question, leaving aside what you would do with the money.  I’m interested in what you would do, not what you would buy!  This is going to tie into something I’m thinking of when we talk about work itself.



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An EOW Question for the reader of this blog

A personal question on day 2!


Think of the work you have done in your life.  How does it compare to the work that your parents did?  Your grandparents?  How many of you are doing work that your parents either couldn’t have done at all (because the job you do now didn’t even exist in your parents) or is substantively different than how they did it they wouldn’t recognize what you do as like “their” work?

I started as a computer programmer a job that barely existed when I was born, and didn’t exist at all in my father’s time.

In a related vein, how much of the work that we do now existed in a similar fashion for our parents, but in a social context that would not have been possible for the older generation?  Women are the most obvious example here, but what others are there?



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