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I saw this link on the Ricochet site and it is a podcast that discusses many of the things we’ve been talking about here.  The shift in society from money from wages to ownership is something that will occur over time and affect not only work, but even things like schooling.  I’ve always been amazed that we are still being taught a range of skills that are suited to the economy we are leaving behind and not the economy we are heading towards.  It’s amazing to think about how little people understand about running a business and a whole host of skills that are strongly related to how you make money these days.  What would be interesting to me is the extent to which we as a country will shift in that direction…what would it mean to have a nation of people who are very, very sensitive to markets, business, etc?  As technologies tend to greater and greater specific changes, the technological, the cultural, and the financial will merge.  In some ways, (cultural, I think) we are already there.  We will become used to subtler and more “bespoke” products, each made just for us with almost as a little effort as mass market products are made today.  As is mentioned in the podcast, I can’t wait for the day of owning my army of robots!


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  1. wj

    And yet, we do know how to teach that stuff. And have for years. Long, long ago (early 1960s) my high school schedule was such that the only class that would fit in one slot was what was called General Business. Now our high school had three tracks: in addition to the regular one, there was an Honors track (for those heading to top colleges) and, at the other end of the ability scale, The General track. But there I was in a General class (to the initial consternation of the rest of the class) rather than another Honors class.

    The class covered a lot of stuff about business and how it works. But also other topics about personal finance, insurance, etc., etc. It was, in short, perhaps the most vlauable class (in the long term) that I had in high school. Certainly my personal finances benefitted enormously from knowing what to do with my money once I had income (even if from a salary rather than owning a business).

    It was also the sort of thing that disappeared as we all got more focused on getting everybody into college. Still, the information was there, and doubtless could be resurrected if we take the decision to do so.

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